October ’15 Update – FLEXspace continues to grow!

Growth Stats

LisaEduComm15picThe SUNY Task Group launched in 2011, presenting outcomes at CCUMC 2012. Following a “listening tour” the Flexible Learning Environments eXchange (FLEXspace) beta system was introduced in 2013 as a community of practice to share images and attributes of innovative learning spaces.

Production 1.0 was unveiled at ELI 2014 and now “the numbers tell the story”

2013 Feb 2014 Sept 2015
Total number of Records (~ indicates approximation) ~ 50 ~300 928

(474 published)

Unique Accounts 50 758 1214
.EDU Institutions 20 409 564
Public 268 369
Private 132 191
Very Large/Large 102 127
Medium 86 134
Small/Very Small ~68 121
Community College 53 82
K-12 16 25
Other (independent, consortia, int’l, library systems) 55 95
Organizations / Vendors / Architectural / Test Accts. 15 42 57
Geographic Distribution 2013 Feb 2014 Sept 2015
USA ~ 50 387 546
Canada 21 30
UK 18 24
JISC (UK standards) 15 21

Additional Countries: Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, UAE, Portugal, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Finland, Netherlands, Chile, Denmark, India, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Puerto Rico, Spain, Belgium, Colombia

FLEXspace membership has been driven by word-of-mouth at conference presentations, social media, and trade/academic articles:

  • EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) – Denver (‘14) New Orleans (‘15), San Antonio (‘16)
  • EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Anaheim (’13), Orlando (’14 – Keynote Highlight “call out”)
  • Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) St. Louis (’14 and ‘15)
  • SUNY Technology Conference (STC)– Lake Placid (’14)
  • SCUP-49 – Pittsburgh (‘14), SCUP 50 – Chicago (‘15), SCUP 51 (Vancouver ’16 – submitted)
  • NMC “Rearranging Learning Spaces” Webinar (’14)
  • CCUMC –Las Vegas (’13), Portland (’14), Pittsburgh (‘15)
  • ELI Focus Session “Re-imagining Learning Spaces” Webinar (’14)
  • SUNY (CIT) Conference on Instruction & Technology – Oneonta (’12) Plattsburgh (’13) Geneseo (’14), Cornell (’15) and Potsdam (’16)
  • InfoComm – Orlando, EduComm/CorpComm – Atlanta (’15)
  • Academic Impressions Webinars (Dana Gierdowski, Rebecca Frazee) (’14), 14th, 2015

FLEXspace Highlighted at EduComm Expo ’15

EduComm Expo Session Reveals How Colleges Can Gain a Great ROI from Physical Spaces

Tech experts discuss how colleges can leverage the technology in physical spaces on campus to boost a college’s ROI.
Ryan Berndt,Regional Manager of Education Market Development for Crestron reveals how colleges can give students a great experience with their physical spaces.

Ryan Berndt,Regional Manager of Education Market Development for Crestron reveals how colleges can give students a great experience with their physical spaces.

“During the session called “Mission Critical Technologies of the Higher Ed Classroom” at the EduComm Expo, tech experts Lisa Stephens and Ryan Berndt covered how colleges can reap a decent ROI from physical spaces.” ….Read more of the original article in HigherEd Tech Decisions (Oct. 3, 2015)

Use An Online Repository to Build Learning Spaces and Con­vince Admin­istra­tors To Invest

Colleges can use online repository resources to design a new campus space and convince administrator’s the investment is worth it.

HigherEd Tech Decisions Guide

Click image to download the HigherEd Tech Decisions “Deep Dive” Guide from their website

Check out this guide in HigherEd Tech Decisions, June 2015, that  presents how colleges can use FLEXspace to:

  • Display details and pictures of their learning spaces on the portal, and use the portal to view other colleges’ projects
  • Encourage end users to leave comments and review other peers’ comments
  • Create a portfolio of “dream” learning spaces using photos and descriptions from other colleges’ projects

Hear from Lisa Stephens at EduCommExpo, Sept. 30th

Click here for more information about the session and EduCommExpo!

Planning for Mission Critical Technologies in Higher Ed Classrooms

Wednesday – September 30
3:00 – 4:00 pm | Session E9
NewBay Publications
Lisa A. Stephens, PhD
Senior Strategist for SUNY Academic Innovation in the Office of the SUNY Provost State University of New York

Classroom technologies have become an important recruiting tool at colleges and universities. A renowned strategist on academic innovation, and a leading AV/IT expert will guide you through what every prospective college student wants, and what will make your institution more competitive, and most important — serving the pedagogical needs of students. From classrooms, digital libraries and common learning spaces, a transformation is underway. You will learn what you need to know for a successful deployment and ensure your classrooms have what it takes to be relevant today and tomorrow.

Just in! And the Winner Is…

During the month of June, the FLEXspace core team made a push to build awareness of the FLEXspace community and encourage contribution to the collection. In this recent effort, we’re happy to report that a dozen institutions contributed almost 150 new records to the FLEXspace collection, detailing 27 unique learning spaces! That’s almost one learning space contributed per day! 

From the pool of eligible contributions, we conducted a random drawing, and today we are excited to announce the winner of the all expenses paid trip to the UMN NFALC conference in August 2015, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Herman Miller!


The lucky FLEXspace contributor and winner of the drawing is…

The University of Lethbridge contribution by:
Victoria Holec, Bernie Wirzba, and David Hinger.

To see their contribution, Room AH177, and other newly added learning spaces, visit FLEXspace.org and login to  “Search and View.”

See this Room AH177 and more by logging into FLEXspace to Search and View.

See this record and more by logging into FLEXspace to Search and View.

We want to sincerely thank all of the institutions who contributed during this promotion, including:

  • Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences
  • Colorado State University
  • Duquesne University
  • Elon University-Main Campus
  • Griffith College Dublin
  • Michigan State University
  • Monroe Community College
  • Pace Pleasantville
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • The Ohio State University
  • University of British Columbia Vancouver
  • University of Lethbridge
  • William Paterson University

You can see several of these fine contributions as “featured spaces” on the FLEXspace portal landing page!

We sincerely thank you all, and want to encourage your continued support and contributions to the FLEXspace community and collection. Please visit our website FLEXspace.org to request an account, get involved, and learn more about how FLEXspace can help you kickstart projects, inform designs and decisions, inspire experimentation and innovation, and connect you with stakeholders and colleagues!

Do you know an organization that might like to sponsor FLEXspace? Please point them to FLEXspace.org for details on sponsorship opportunities.

Share your spaces and you could attend the Active Learning Classrooms conference for free!

Act now before June 30th for your chance to attend the National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms Conference – travel expenses on FLEXspace!

Science Teaching Student Services at UMN

Science Teaching Student Services at UMN

FLEXspace™ and our generous founding sponsor Herman Miller™ are excited to offer this opportunity to FLEXspace contributors!

Upload a complete record(s), or update/complete an existing record(s), during the month of June in the FLEXspace repository that details an active learning space, complete the official entry form below, and your campus will be entered into a drawing to have a member of your team attend the NFALC with conference registration, travel and hotel costs paid!**

To contribute to FLEXspace and enter the drawing, do the following:

  • Read complete contest guidelines and restrictions below.
  • Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Enter/update a complete active learning classroom record by June 30th.
  • Notify FLEXspace that your record is ready by entering the drawing by completing the official online entry form below. (NOTE: You MUST do this in order to enter the drawing!).
  • ENTER as many separate active learning spaces as you like into FLEXspace.
  • Winner will be selected at random and announced July 8th!

    **Click here To REgister Your FLEXspace record
    using THe Official entry form.**

 Contest guidelines and restrictions:

  • RESTRICTIONS: **This offer covers hotel, conference registration, and travel/airfare expenses not to exceed $1500 USD total.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Individuals with institutional .edu addresses (or international or other education equivalent) have access to the FLEXspace repository, and thus have the opportunity to upload records to FLEXspace and enter the drawing. There may be an unlimited number of individual FLEXspace contributors from the same institution. Upload/complete more than one active learning space and increase your chances!
  • DEADLINE: All qualifying FLEXspace records that are completed (newly uploaded or updated), and have notified FLEXspace.org by completing the drawing entry form, by June 30th, 2015 are eligible for the drawing.
  • WINNER: Winner will be drawn at random from the official entry forms (and upon further confirmation of an eligible record in the FLEXspace repository.) The winner may use the prize money to reimburse his/her own previously purchased NFALC conference travel, or transfer the prize to a colleague so that he/she can attend the NFALC conference! The winner will be announced via email sent out to the FLEXspace community July 8th, 2015.

 Questions about entries:

  • What counts as an Active Learning Space? Nearly any physical campus classroom, maker space, or other learning space might be considered “active” if it contains elements that promote group work, brainstorming areas, and other elements that facilitate student engagement and problem solving.
  • What counts as a complete record? The FLEXspace record you enter must include details in all fields on all three tabs (Learning & Assessment, Technology, and Facilities) – including the comment fields! (If you can’t complete some of the fields, tell us why in the comments!). You may have multiple “records” associated with one “learning space,” so make sure you copy complete data to all associated records.
  • How many chances/records may I enter? Only one record/chance per learning space will be counted towards the drawing. E.g., If you upload 5 photos and documents for “Room AH1120,” that counts as one “learning space” and thus receives one entry into the drawing. If you upload a complete record for another learning space, “Room BAM195,” that counts as a second entry/chance for the drawing.

Find out more about the Third Biennial National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms (NFALC), held at University at Minnesota, August 5-7, 2015 at http://cceevents.umn.edu/national-forum-on-active-learning-classrooms.