Platinum 3

platinumgalleryFind out how you can become a Platinum Sponsor and have your own page here!





Here’s an example of what your page might contain.

Headline from YOU

Our company….

Spaces in the Spotlight

Links to your image collections inside the FLEXspace portal. Here’s an example:

FIRST, Log in to FLEXspace portal, then click on the links below to see our curated collections of learning spaces.

CSU Library Spaces

“Thumbnail page URL ” will take you to the image group I created called “CSU Library Spaces.”

CSU Library Spaces Here’s the “HTML hyperlink to the thumbnail page” for that same collection – any user can “share” an image group and create this URL. We could allow sponsors to add these links to the blog page.

Before and After pictures

Before and after P125 Check out before and after photos. I took this link from the list of “Institutional Folders.”



YOUR  Solutions:  


YOUR  Research:


YOUR BLog Posts

Check out the latest blog posts on this website from YOU.


More Useful Links




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